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Iberovías a Rover Alcisa Group company, which has a large fleet of heavy railway machinery specialized in the construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure and superstructure, made stock rail and needle substitutions into the high-speed line between Madrid -Valencia, specifically in Paet de Villarrubia, line service has not been affected.



Iberovías, a company of the Rover Alcisa Group specialized in the construction and maintenance of railway superstructure, has carried out the works of expanding and improving modal interchange in station of San Isidre in Valencia, the work is sponsored by ADIF. In this railway performance The Rover Alcisa Group, has used a large number of human resources and has especially used Iberovías specialized machinery to carry out the action in 24-hour shifts in the shortest time possible, performing at only 3 days of action, leaving the track flanged and circulation passage.



The Minister of Development, Ana Pastor, has visited the High Speed work that is being carried out by Rover Alcisa in the new rail access of high speed in the south of Madrid, between Atocha and Torrejón de Velasco that allow to increase the existing access of the AVE that currently gives services to lines between Madrid- Valencia and Madrid-Seville. The event was chaired by the Minister Ana Pastor, the president of ADIF, Enrique Verdeguer, the president of RENFE, Julio Gómez-Pomar, the Minister of Infraestructure and Trasnport of the Community of Madrid, Pablo Cavero, senior managers of ADIF and by the President of the Rover Alcisa Group, Alfredo Rodriguez.



Iberovías, a company of the Rover Alcisa Group specialized in construction and maintenance of railway superstructure does the maintenance of the conventional rail of ADIF and of RENFE width in Eastern Andalusia with the use of the powerful machinery of last generation that Iberovías has. Maintenance includes railway lines in the provinces of Jaén, Granada, Almería and part of Castilla La Mancha, in the province of Ciudad Real.


The wide track maintenance on RENFE, in consortium with Neopul MDE aims to conserve the geometric parameters of the track superstructure composed of rail sleeper and ballast, and the maintenance of the infrastructure that supports it. As a result of such conservation those actions aim at maintaining the comfort and punctuality of trains when passing through different routes.

To preserve the various geometric parameters such as road grading, alignment, depth and width of the running a series of scheduled and unplanned will be carried out.


For the maintaining, control and measurement tools are used for the prediction of failure or deterioration of the elements that make up the route for which data indicate the status of it and thus be able to plan maintenance work to keep within the threshold parameters specified in regulations. Also, corrective actions are implemented motivated by unexpected incidents as may be the weather.

The most frequent in the maintenance of way width RENFE deviations comprises treating, levelling, alignment and profiling via, the unguarded point-of-way, replacement of defective rail, cleaning gutters and engineering structures, treatment of metal sections, and replacing sleepers in other performances.


To perform the above work, the contractor has a maintenance crew that plans and reviews the performance of such work within the parameters of quality demanded by ADIF and prevention according to current regulations, likewise has several staff teams qualified to carry out such work and specialized heavy equipment track (tamping hopper and profile changes).


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